Back in the US & media reviews

It's 12:15am Saturday morning and I'm wide awake.  My visit to Hong Kong and Zhuhai were enjoyable.  This post is to serve as a reminder to write more but to summarize:  The era of American hegemony is over.  That's likely a good thing.

Something a bit more substantial -- media consumer on the 13+ hour flights.  I recommend all of these documentaries; click on the link for Rotten Tomatoes reviews (opens in new window.)

  1. Yarn
  2. In Pursuit of Silence
  3. Life off Grid
  4. Obit


New blog (or, let's revisit 2004)

Greetings from Zhuhai, China.  I am on a business trip and had a couple of hours to update my website.

Social media has, and is, evolving but it appears I may not be.  I enjoy Instagram but not FB or Twitter. I miss the opportunity to write at length and will utilize this space to do so.  Please note comments are allowed but will be moderated.  Updates will be daily, whenever possible and pictures are also included.  

Thank you for reading and I hope you will participate.  I welcome your feedback on content as well as the layout and readability of the site.